Week 3 & 4!!!


Another amazing two weeks have gone by! Having been sick all of last week, I did not do much other than go to class then stay in bed and watch movies/sleep all day. Honestly, having the flu is bad but having it in a foreign country is even worse! I am much too used to popping down to shoppers, which is 5 minutes away from where I live in Canada, and having access to all sorts of medication! I did carry a fair amount of Tylenol, some cold & flu medicine, and some lozenges having heard that in France you need prescriptions for a lot of the medicine you would find OTC in other countries….Everyone seems to be catching this bug….and now that I’m back to normal, I found myself googling “Can I get the flu after recovering from the flu???”…..


1.    My professors!!! It’s officially week three of classes, and I can confidently say they are all pretty awesome people! It is true though, that some of the French professors are stricter that the non-French ones… For example, their reactions when students come to class late are totally different…
French Professor: It’s too late now… please, get out and come back during the break… (Which is 2 HOURS LATER?)
Non-French Professor: When you come in late, please use the back door…. and if you come in past 8.30, I like my coffee black, no sugar… not from the vending machines, but from the café downstairs…. 😉

2.    NO TEXT BOOKS!!!! I have one word for that… AMAZING!!!!!! Actually, I lied; one of my classes DOES have a required text book…. but only ONE of them… which is still AMAZING!!!

3.    That the above-mentioned text book costs 65 Euros for a new copy here, whereas the same book costs about 50 Euros more in Canada… how that works out, only God knows! But it makes me happy to be here! 🙂

4.    Again, to do with the aforementioned textbook… When my friend sent us all a PDF copy of the chapters we had to read for class! This was such a blessing since many of us had not yet bought the book/were waiting for it to be shipped to us. Even better, he promised to send us the rest of the chapters too! SO FANCY!

5.    Geneva trip!!! You all saw the pictures, Geneva was BEAUTIFUL!!! And only TWO HOURS away by train! It was the first of our many planned trips this semester, our second being Dijon, which we went to on Sunday…. Pictures to come!

6.    Exploring Lyon! Travelling with friends is an amazing and fun experience, however exploring alone is just as amazing! You get to move at your own pace, see the things you want to see, and just take it all in without any distractions! TRÈS FANCY!….

7.    Discovering that my camera (A Christmas present from me to my big brother…which he then kindly lent me for my trip) is AMAZING!!! I discovered all sorts of effects while at the roman amphitheatres during my tour of Lyon… I was so amazed that I had to climb back up the hill to Fourvière to take even better pictures of Notre Dame and the amazing views of Lyon from up there! I know I am not alone when I admit that I NEVER read the manuals of cameras, phones, etc. (Except when something goes wrong…and even then I skip to the most important parts) I mean, they are basically the same- once you know how to work one, you can basically work any other make/model/etc. I have decided that from now on I will at least TRY to read/skim through each page… admittedly, it’s all so much more rewarding!

8.    French oral presentation on Tuesday!!! This is both SO FANCY and NOT SO FANCY…. Fancy because as the first group doing our presentation we set the bar, and now we are done we get to enjoy the rest of the semester…Not so Fancy because it is only after our presentation that the French teacher let the class know what exactly she was looking for in a presentation and how she was going to grade it… Let’s hope she’s a bit lenient with us….

9.    My mummy, mother dear, starting a blog of her own!!!! YES, INDEED!!!!!! Ever since I was young, I have loved, admired, and boasted about my mum’s cooking and baking! In fact, it is the reason I was a very healthy (read: chubby) child!!! And now she has decided to share her tried, tested, wonderful recipes with the world! NO ONE is as excited as me!!! Check her out here.. My Favourite Pastime


10.    Sitting in class for 4 HOURS!!! Till your bum is BEGGING you to stand but when you finally do, your legs have given up and fallen asleep… It does not help that I have pretty long legs….

11.    Having a runny nose while in class… SO NOT FANCY!!! Especially when you try to discretely blow your nose and the result is a MONSTROUS, YUCKY sound that EVERYONE hears because the class is so quiet…NOT FANCY….AT ALL…

12.    Finally going out with friends for dinner but not being able to taste ANYTHING! Except salt… I ordered Ratatouille (very excited about this after watching the movie like three times) and chicken… It looked amazing, but like I said, I have no idea if it tasted amazing too! Note to self: Do NOT go out to a restaurant and PAY for a meal you can’t taste!!!!

13.    Everyone going skiing during the weekend while I stayed home in bed!! 😦 Granted, the thought of going skiing scares me a little, especially after hearing all sorts of ski accident stories…. Besides, I needed to fully recover before I started doing trips again….

14.    French people not picking up after their dogs! At least in Lyon, there are no strict rules about picking up after your dog and what not…. It is therefore very common to find random piles of poop here and there as you walk! My advice: walk with caution!

I will leave you with some pictures from out visit to the Musée des Beaux Arts here in Lyon!




2 thoughts on “Week 3 & 4!!!

  1. Talk about dog poop. We have a nice blanket of snow in the backyard and this tiny rabbit has been coming there daily and leaving tiny footprints and pellets of poop on it. The next time I see it, I will tell it to “stoop and scoop”

  2. Thanks for the pics. Sorry about the cold; a little red wine helps a lot 🙂 France is indeed a must-see. And next time I make my regular veggie soup, I will say I made Ratatouille – didn’t realize I was already an expert. And yeah, I’ve heard about some European cities where dog poop is the public’s problem – yuck! Be careful indeed – although when there is so much to see – architecture to admire, its kind of a bum to be walking with your eyes constantly looking down in case you step in a pile. Don’t they realize that tourists miss some of what they could be seeing because they are looking down, trying to dodge the downloads of our furry friends?

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