Week 2…



This week has been both amazing and busy!!! To begin with, NO INTERNET PROBLEMS all week… plus only 3-hour Intensive French lessons every day, leaving us ample time to get a lot done…


1.    Registration going well on Monday! My appointment literally took about 3 minutes, and I am officially registered in all the courses I had pre-registered for… Thank God, because all my courses had been pre-approved by Rotman! Classes officially start tomorrow… I have a 3hr class starting at 8am and a 4hr class at 5pm… It’s going to be a looong day!

2.    La Salle de langues at the university! I believe I will be spending a lot of time in this room, which is well equipped for students to learn almost any language! I was especially impressed with their selection of DVDs, which I believe will come in handy when i’m practising my French listening skills…

3.    Internet = FIXED! So, my Internet problems ended on Monday…. in an almost comical way… I decided to call the internet provider to cancel my subscription and the conversation went something like this…

Me: Yes, I’ve had problems all week, but on Friday the internet stopped working completely…

Lady: What’s your ID and password?

Me: My what????

Lady: Your user ID and password…. did you not get one when you registered?

Me:  What??… no… no one sent me anything after I registered… I couldn’t even access my email..

Lady: Oh sorry…. one moment… what is your email…oh ok… your user ID and password are…

The lady proceeds to give me the details in a very French accent…  And sure enough, when I put in the user ID and password, my internet magically starts working!! EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE!… Oh la la… La France!

4.   Trip planning!!!! Being all the way in France, we are all hoping to take advantage of the great deals offered by airlines within Europe! Already on the list are Hungary and Italy, which we are hoping to visit during our 10-day break in February! I will keep you posted on the progress of this all….

5.    BELLE COUR!!!! I decided to explore this part of town on my own on Thursday, and it was AMAZING! It’s such a beautiful part of town, with beautiful sculptures almost everywhere you turn! Unlucky for me, my camera’s battery died halfway through my adventure! But, I will go back and explore some more, and take more pictures for sure!…

6.     RESTO U!!! This is an on-campus restaurant for students and it is AMAZING! Not only is the food great and filling, but it is very affordable! 3.10 Euros for a starter, main course, and dessert! SO FRANCY!…


7.     Finding an escalator at Sans Souci!!!! On my first post, I had mentioned having to carry my very heavy luggage up the stairs out of the subway station at Sans Souci… As I had predicted, this week I discovered an almost hidden exit that had an ESCALATOR…

8.     Watching Django again…in French. My friend and I went to the movies on Thursday and it was quiet an eye-opening experience… not in a good way! 15 minutes into the movie, my friend left as she could not follow it at all. I decided to stay on and persevere… (Granted, I had seen the movie only a week before in English) Halfway through the movie I started calculating how long it would actually take for me to become fluent in French! Apparently, it takes 10,000hrs to become an expert in something… Now, if I did about 5 hours of French a day… 5 days a week…that’s 100hrs a month…and I have just about 4 months here…. SIGH! ONLY 400hrs of French??!!! So I guess by age 32 I should be perfectly fluent in French!? That’s not too bad…. is it???

9.     Discovering the unlimited 2-month movie pass requires a year-long subscription!!! My heart fell when the guy at the ticketing booth gave me this sad news… However, he gave me the number to the head office where I could request for the passes without a subscription… Until then, I will just borrow DVDs from the school library…

10.      Snow in Lyon! There goes my theory that I had escaped the cold and snow in Toronto to better weather in Lyon! It only snowed for one day though, which is great, but the weather had been pretty cold this week! Looking forward to warmer weather in February/March when I can walk around taking pictures without worrying about my hands becoming Popsicles!


Dottie!! 🙂






3 thoughts on “Week 2…

  1. Are these four hour classes theory or practicals?- goodness is it the same Prof. talking for all those hours? So much for the unlimited movie pass- I knew there was a catch somewhere…Guelph is so snowy and cold (-17 deg. cent. right now- feels like -25) and the tweety had to go for tennis.

    • 4 hour theory with ONE break in the middle! It s brutal… and yes, one prof talking the whole time! I don’t know how they do it! I hope you guys are keeping warm and toasty!

      • Oh yeah I have just been shovelling snow, then I went out to take some photos without my glove…5 minutes later my fingers were frozen. I had to rush back inside, phewks!

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