Orientation began today! I was looking forward to this as I knew I’d meet some awesome people and get an overview of what the term would be like! It was a great start to the Introduction course offered by the SELF program, which is scheduled to last for one and a half weeks (Including one week of intensive French lessons)! Classes officially start on the 21st of this month… So as my friends at U of T moan about going back to school, I think to myself…..what a wonderful world!




1.    Little children, in their little hats and jackets and gloves, speaking French!!! ADORABLE is an understatement!!!!! 🙂

2.    My Skype session with the parents today!!! Even though I couldn’t hear them due to my aforementioned laptop sound problems, they could hear me! So I spoke, and they typed back…and it was lovely seeing their smiling faces!

3.    I lied….. Lyon is BEAUTIFUL! Having ventured a bit further down my street, I discovered how wrong I was about being underwhelmed so far! It’s amazing! Especially at night! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more! More pics to come!

4.    My first shopping trip at Monoprix….which sells EVERYTHING! AND had pots, pans, cutlery, and crockery on sale! It was my lucky day!

5.    The fact that alcohol is sold in supermarkets here!!! Not that I drink much, but it’s nice to have the option to pick up a lil something as you shop, at VERY reasonable prices… Like this little bottle!…which I haven’t opened yet… because I forgot to buy a corkscrew… -_- … I am now religiously googling “how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew”!

6.    Biting out of a baguette, still warm from the bakery at Monoprix! This was HEAVEN! … and very French! On a side note- there’s not much whole wheat bread here it seems…. but I shall not complain! Pas du tout! I will eat the baguettes and croissants… I may add a few kgs while here… but it will be deliciously worth it! 😉

7.    My sudden urge to do everything in French! Watch French tv… go to see some French cinema… read French books!

8.    The wonderful people I met today at orientation! Its awesome how there are students from ALL OVER THE WORLD on exchange here! New Zealand, Hungary, Mexico (which I’ve learnt is pronounced “meHico”), China, Canada, USA….the list goes on and on! It’s also awesome how friendly everyone is. I have a good feeling that the people I met today will be life-long friends!

9.    Charles Hadley who ran the SELF pedagogical meeting. He presented a lot of routine but useful information (e.g. how we have to register for classes THREE times essentially) in a very amusing/comical manner that kept us attentive yet entertained all through! He also suggested a few places we MUST see in France, including pictures, further confirming that we had all made a brilliant choice coming here on exchange!

10.    My university at night!!! It changes colour!!!!!! SO FRANCY!!!! See pic below!


11.    The course selection process here! I registered for my courses online in May, only to find out that that was PRE-REGISTRATION. Today at orientation, we were told that we would have to make an appointment to register for our courses…on the sign-up sheet….outside the SELF office…. then once again go back to the office to confirm that we are registered for the courses during the second week of February!!! Mon-DIEU!!!! Also, most of the business courses I had registered for are apparently “over-subscribed”! Luckily, after A LOT of pushing and shoving at the sign-up sheet, my friend Audrey managed to sign me up for Monday morning! Wish me luck!

12.    Coming back from Monoprix, very happy, only to discover that I had forgotten to buy PLATES! I guess I’ll be eating out of a pot tonight! Pas de problème! C’est la vie!

À demain!


One thought on “ORIENTATION…..

  1. This is the “Trio” from southern G. Orientation is tres interesting. With all the wine and Royco! You haven’t posted much the past two days …ama ilikuwa busy sana. How was eating without plates? Must have been interesting. Hope your having a nice experience there and living it to the fullest.very interesting hope your having fun and you are making friends best wishes papajiji part of the ”trio”.

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